Online PPC Pay-Per-Click advertising

that works where your customers are.

For Calgary businesses trying to reach new customers around the corner or around the world.

"PPC advertising is a great way to generate traffic and leads quickly and easily, with the ability to scale instantaneously."

Stephen King, President & Founder,

Are you a mobile app developer? We can guarantee mobile app downloads at a fixed price.

Store visits


Website visitors

If no one comes to your website, how can you sell anything? PPC campaigns are the quickest way to get website traffic. Remarketing will accelerate results.

What do you need from a PPC campaign?



Proper local business listings, product listings, Google+ places, maps, etc... are all important for your ads to give your store exposure.

Social Likes / Follows


Growing your social media connections is tough. Social ad 

campaigns make it way easier to get noticed and followed.

Mobile app downloads

PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising is a way to "buy" visits to your website (vs. "earn" visits through SEO)

Instant exposure for your brand

Easy to measure

Pay only when someone clicks on an ad

Ability to react quickly to optimize campaigns

Hyper-targeting for your customer type and geographic location

What can our PPC ad campaigns do for your business?

Appear when someone searches for your competitor's company name

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